Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex is the unregistered non-governmental organization founded by the team of intersex and non-intersex people in 2013. ARSI's mission is the legal recognition Intersex people and their Human Rights in society, raising public awareness about Intersex people and providing support for Intersex people in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.


Alexander Beryozkin, intersex man (47 XXY), Founder and Executive Co-Director the Association of Russian-speaking Intersex (ARSI), MA in Sociology, New York, USA.

Association of Russian-Speaking Intersex (ARSI) is the international network organization. Members and volunteers of the group live in Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany, and the USA.

Members of ARSI:

  • Alfia, mother of the Intersex child, consultant for parents of intersex children, Germany;
  • Aile Green, Intersex non-binary, translator, MA in Journalist, Russia.
  • Ekaterina APh.D. in Psychology., Certified specialist in Somatic Education and Clinical Somatics, psychologist.
  • Ilia Avel, Master of Laws, legal consultant for  intersex people, Russia.
  • Nadezhda T, Ph.D., in Sociology, Assistant of the CEO of the ARSI, Moscow, Russia.
  • Nika Neyman, Intersex agender, Coordinator ARSI in Kazakhastan, translator.
  • Olga, Intersex woman, peer consultant for intersex people, Russia

Volunteers of ARSI:

Fiscal Agent - allied organization LGBTQI "Labrys"

Members and volunteers of the group can be representatives of ARSI at conferences and other events. Each of them can initiate their project and/or to participate in ARSI joint events with other organizations.
Principles of rules and functioning of ARSI:

  • Respect each other regardless of intersex status, sex, gender, age, professional or educational competencies, ethnic, religious and other characteristics.
  • Priority intersex votes in the organization, but the lack of positive discrimination.
  • Mutual support and assistance in cases of a general project and team work.

Project coordinators and volunteers report directly to the CEO of ARSI for strategic and external communication issues. Founder of ARSI makes strategic, fiscal and tactical decisions based on team and/or individual discussions with intersex people and other volunteers and members in the group. In some cases, the CEO may veto the decision of the group if he believes that this is contrary to the strategy and mission of the group's development.
ARSI is open to new participants: intersex and non-intersex people, if they agree with the mission and goals of ARSI, and if they agree with the principles of rules and functioning of ARSI.


  • Raise awareness about intersex issues and human rights of intersex people in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.
  • Development and support of non-binary language for self-determination intersex people.
  • Provide consultations on legal, psychological, medical and other issues for the intersex people, their parents, and other people.
  • Organization information training, conferences, workshops for various specialists (psychologists, social workers, lawyers, doctors, teachers, journalists) on intersex issues.
  • Formation the single database of medical professionals for providing high-quality and safe health care services for intersex people
  • Support and development the intersex community in Russia and other post-Soviet countries, including the organization support groups and the Russian-speaking Intersex Forum.
  • Depathologization intersex people in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Development of an alternative system of social and medical care for people without assigning them a stigmatizing "disability" group.
  • Recognition and protection human rights of intersex people, especially about their physical integrity,  autonomy based on full information consent.
  • Documentation and monitor cases of human rights violations aginst intersex people.
  • Initiate and support actions (including at the legislative level) to protect intersex children from such medical "normalizing" practices as genital operations, medical and psychiatric treatment.
  • Initiation and support of non-binary citizenship, (sex and gender are not indicated in certificates and identification documents).

Lastly, we host events in the form of workshops, trainings and conferences. See our calendar below to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.



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