What We Do

In addition to information dissemination, we provide intersex people with access to services, including consultations for intersex people and their families, and access to medical, psychological and law professionals.

We also advocate for the analysis of legislation on intersex issues in Russia, documenting cases of violence against intersex people and archiving research on different intersex issues.

In addition, we have some research areas in ARSI. We studies such topics as:

  • History of Intersex people in Soviet medicine
  • Psychological study of Intersex phobia;
  • Analysis of the ICD and its impact on the medical system in Russia;
  • Medicalization of people with chromosome variations.

Participants of ARSI are started to invite as independent experts for providing an alternative perspective on intersex issues. 

Lastly, we host events in the form of workshops, trainings and conferences. See our calendar to stay up-to-date on upcoming events.