ARSI was ideated in March 2012 by Alexander Berezkin after he developed an initiative to provide support to intersex people and share alternative, non-discriminatory information about the intersex phenomenon with the public.

In May 2013, Alexander teamed with Ekaterina Agafonova to hold a seminar, “Borders of sex”, which explained the differences between intersex and biological sex, how they correlate with the notion of gender, and challenges that intersex people face in Russia and beyond.

In August 2013, Alexander, in cooperation with an intersex woman from Ukraine, Julia Pilinskay, created an online group: Association of Russian Speaking Intersex (ARSI).

July 2014, the first publication about intersex activism was published in Russia.

October 2015, the second interview about intersex activism was published for Radio Liberty.

November - Desember 2015, there were several educational activities relating to intersex activism in different Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Vladivostok).

April 2016, there are psychological and legal counseling for Russian Speaking Intersex people.

October 2016, opening the website of Association of Russian Speaking Intersex.

October 2016, The first action of an intersex activist in support of Human Rights for intersex people in St. Petersburg, Russia

February 2017, Beginning of equal consultations of the mother of the Intersex child  for the parents of the intersex children.